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As we enter the warmer months, keep the following pointers in mind to keep your community great.

  • Spring Cleanup:  Take the time to prune your trees/shrubs, clear your beds of weeds and install new mulch if needed.  Also, please keep your yard neatly mowed and edged throughout the summer.  Take the time to wash your house and apply new stain to decks and fences.
  • Common Areas: We are a community with over 100 acres of common ground.  These areas are owned by all of the owners in Greentree and must not be encroached upon.  No personal items are to be stored or used on these areas.  This includes swing sets, fire pits, trampolines and sheds among other personal property.
  • Speed:  There are a lot of children in our community.  If you feel the need for it, take it outside of our streets.
  • Yard Light posts:  Most homeowners have a light post in their front yard.  Please take a few moments to replace burnt out bulbs.  This helps to light areas that are not covered well by street lights and helps to create a safer environment.
  • Street Lights Out?:  To report street light outages throughout the Greentree Community please contact Ohio Edison at (888) 544-4877 or on the web at https://www.firstenergycorp.com/forms/streetlight/reportStreetLightProbInit.do
  • Architectural review:  As a reminder, any exterior modifications such as decks, fences, additions, etc. must be approved by the association in advance.  Please contact Reserve Realty or visit our website for the appropriate paperwork.
  • PoolsUpon approval, pools are permitted within the single family homes and Hunter Ridge.  The homeowner must have a signed waiver of liability on file and have a fenced in yard.  Please refer to the Handbook or contact Reserve Realty Management for more details.
  • Pet Cleanup:  This should go without saying, but if your dog relieves itself, you are responsible for cleaning it up.  If you are caught in violation of this, you will be fined and mentioned in our next newsletter.  Dogs should also be kept on a leash.  Stray dogs should be reported to the Streetsboro Police department.
  • Enforcement:  It’s up to you to help us keep this community great.  If you become aware of any violation to our rules or by-laws, please bring it to our attention by contacting Reserve Realty in writing.  Many minor infractions can be taken care of quickly before they become bigger problems.
  • Garbage Cans:  Residents are prohibited from storing garbage cans outside of their garage.  This invites pests and is unsightly.  Trash may be placed at the end of your driveway for collection no earlier than the evening before pick-up.
  • Our by-laws prohibit the storage of boats, motor homes, commercial vehicles and similar items outside of your garage.
  • Be a Good Neighbor:  This community belongs to all of us, how we treat the common areas and our own properties has an impact on all of our home values. 
  • Fireworks: As we approach the summer months and Independence festivities, please be reminded that it is against city law to detonate fireworks.
  • Greentree Parkway:  Greentree Parkway is one of the many city owned streets in our community.  Any concern about maintenance or repairs should be directed to the Streetsboro Service Department at 330-626-2856.
  • Neighborhood Watch: The easiest way to keep our community safe and to prevent crime is to report suspicious behavior to the Streetsboro police department at 911 or 330-626-4976 for non-emergencies.



  • Ø  Effective, January 1, 2014, we switched from Continental to Reserve Realty for the management of the MASTER Association.  This will allow the entire community to be managed by one company and create a more streamlined communications process.  If you are part of one of the sub-associations (Hunter Ridge, Bristol, Kensington and Heath), Al Wargo is still your point of contact with Reserve Realty.
  • Ø  Reserve Realty will be the managing agent for The Greentree Homeowners Association.  This is the master association which covers all single family homes as well as the common areas of the community.  If you live in the cluster homes or condominiums, you have separate Associations over your specific area beyond the Greentree Master Association.  The management company is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Greentree Homeowners Association.  It handles your architectural requests, comments or concerns regarding common area problems and various other day-to-day operations.  It is the liaison between residents and the board of directors.  Our representative with Reserve Realty is Denise Bogucki.  Her contact information is (330) 655-2272 or reserverealty@windstream.net



Payment of dues is crucial to fund the maintenance of the common areas and the continued success of our community.  Go to our website for more information about how to pay your dues via an online payment from a credit card or your bank.  Dues can also be set up as a direct debit from your bank account.  The form is available on our website or available by contacting Reserve Realty.