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Monthly Homeowners Association Dues Change:

  • Effective January 1, 2015, the monthly association dues will increase to $18 per month.
  • As the Board of Directors of the Greentree Homeowners Association, our job is to ensure that the association is able to operate within their means and also within the law.  In 2010, there was a change in Ohio law that requires associations like ours to have their reserves fully funded.  What this means to us…Greentree HOA had to do a reserve study to ensure that we collect enough dues and have enough money in our reserve account to fund all issues that may happen in the association.  What do we need to plan for?  Sidewalk repairs and replacement, repairs and maintenance at the community center and any other issues on any property that is owned by the Greentree Homeowners Association.


  • What did we learn from this reserve study?  We learned that we do not collect enough monthly to plan for the repairs in the future.  The current $14.25 per month has been collected for over a decade with no increase.   With the change in Ohio law, the Greentree Homeowners Association needs to increase the monthly dues to $18/month in order to be compliant with Ohio law and to be considered fully funded.  This is done to ensure the HOA has enough money in reserves to fund any issues that may happen in the community on property owned by the Greentree HOA without charging special assessments.


  • New coupon/billing books will be mailed in mid-December to all residents reflecting this change.  Please make note of the change in address as we will be changing banks as well (see below).


Bank Change

  • Effective, January 1, 2015, we will be changing banks for handling of association dues from Community Association Banc (Mutual of Omaha) to Alliance Association Bank.  This change is being made to increase the reliability and efficiency to the association and convenience to the homeowner.  Alliance allows you to establish a direct payment of HOA dues with the date that works best for you in addition to the option for credit card payments.
  • Take note when the 2015 coupon books arrive as to the methods for making payments will change.
    • If you have bill pay through your bank, you will need to change the amount and address.
    • If you have a direct bank draft (set up through Reserve Realty / Mutual of Omaha), you will need to set up instructions directly through Alliance Association Bank.  The last draft for Mutual of Omaha will be 12/10.
    • If you use the payment coupons, you will only need to make note of the change in amount.


Link to pay your association dues online:




Management Company ID: 107

Association ID: GTR




As a resident of Greentree, we live in a deed restricted community.  Per our declaration, all exterior modifications must be approved by the board of directors in advance.

Exterior modifications such as changes in trim/shutter color, decks, fences, additions and pools must be approved by the association in advance.  Please complete the forms on this website and contact Reserve Realty to request board approval.   reserverealty@windstream.net or (330) 655-2272





As we enter the cold winter months, it is easy to stop thinking about the outdoors.  Here are a few reminders to help keep Greentree a great community.

  • Winterize your yard:  Cut your grass, trim your bushes and shrubs, edge your beds and clean up toys, patio furniture and other summer items.  Doing this now will create for an entire winter of beautiful yards.
  • Snow removal:  Please be neighborly and shovel and or snow-blow your sidewalks.  If you live next to a common area or someone who is unable, please pitch in to remove snow in those areas as well.  There are lots of kids that need to walk to the various bus stop locations.  Needless to say it is safer to walk on a clear sidewalk than the street.
  • Yard Light posts:  Most homeowners have a light post in their front yard.  Please take a few moments to replace burnt out bulbs.  This helps to light areas that are not covered well by street lights and helps to create a safer environment.
  • Pet Cleanup:  This should go without saying, but if your dog relieves itself, you are responsible for cleaning it up.  If you are caught in violation of this, you will be fined and mentioned in our next newsletter.
  • Enforcement:  It’s up to you to help us keep this community great.  If you become aware of any violation to our rules or by-laws, please bring it to our attention by contacting Reserve Realty in writing.  Many minor infractions can be taken care of quickly before they become bigger problems.
  • Dues:  Please remember to pay your dues on time.  These revenues are used for upkeep of the common areas of our community as well as the community center.  Non-payment of your dues leads to fines and collection fees.
  • Architectural review:  As a reminder, any exterior modifications such as decks, fences, additions, etc. must be approved by the association in advance.  Please contact Reserve Realty or visit our website for the appropriate paperwork.
  • Street Lights Out?:  To report street light outages throughout the Greentree Community please contact Ohio Edison at (888) 544-4877 or on the web at https://www.firstenergycorp.com/forms/streetlight/reportStreetLightProbInit.do
  • Garbage Cans:  Residents are prohibited from storing garbage cans outside of their garage.  This invites pests and is unsightly.  Trash may be placed at the end of your driveway for collection no earlier than the evening before pick-up.
  • Our by-laws prohibit the storage of boats, motor homes, commercial vehicles and similar items outside of your garage.
  • Be a Good Neighbor:  This community belongs to all of us, how we treat the common areas and our own properties has an impact on all of our home values. 




We are looking for volunteers to help with community center rentals.  Please contact Von Starkey if interested.

The community center is available for rent to any resident, who is current on their dues, for non-commercial use.  Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis at a minimal cost of $75 (plus a refundable $100 security deposit).  There is a reduced cost for non-profit organizations meeting Monday through Thursday.

To rent the Greentree Community Center, contact Von Starkey @ 330-655-1530 or via email at vonstarkey@neo.rr.com





  • Effective, January 1, 2014, we switched from Continental to Reserve Realty for the management of the MASTER Association.  This will allow the entire community to be managed by one company and create a more streamlined communications process.  If you are part of one of the sub-associations (Hunter Ridge, Bristol, Kensington and Heath), Al Wargo is still your point of contact with Reserve Realty.
  • Reserve Realty is the managing agent for The Greentree Homeowners Association.  This is the master association which covers all single family homes as well as the common areas of the community.  If you live in the cluster homes or condominiums, you have separate Associations over your specific area in addition to the Greentree Master Association.  The management company is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Greentree Homeowners Association.  It handles your architectural requests, comments or concerns regarding common area problems and various other day-to-day operations.  It is the liaison between residents and the board of directors.  Our representative with Reserve Realty is Denise Bogucki.  Her contact information is (330) 655-2272 or reserverealty@windstream.net