About Greentree


Greentree is a planned unit development. By owning a home in Greentree, we agree to the deed restrictions as set for the in declarations and by-laws of the community. These rules and regulations are in place to protect the homeowners and the community as a whole. Greentree Homeowners Association is the Master Association for all 423 homes/units in the development. We are the only governing body for the single family homes who reside on the city owned streets. The cluster homes of Hunter Ridge and the Condominium Associations of Heath Lane, Kensington and Bristol each have a separate sub-association that provides for their specific needs since they are on private streets.

Greentree is responsible for the maintenance of the common properties of the community. This is in excess of 100 acres. We are responsible for maintaining a 16 foot easement on each side of Greentree Parkway as well as several parcels along Brushwood, Holborn and Gloucester. In addition, the homeowner association owns and maintains the clubhouse at the east entrance of the community.

Below is an aerial photo of our development. The areas with a gray shading are owned by the Greentree Homeowners Association. This is in addition to the 16 foot easement on each side of Greentree Parkway that we maintain. Much of the gray shaded area is also protected by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This is meant to be a guide and is not guaranteed to be exact. 


The image below is a plot plan of the community.  Most of the dotted and/or striped areas are owned by the Greentree Homeowners Association.  

 Reserve Realty is the managing agent for The Greentree Homeowners Association.  This is the master association which covers all single family homes as well as the common areas of the community.  If you live in the cluster homes or condominiums, you have separate Associations over your specific area beyond the Greentree Master Association.  The management company is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Greentree Homeowners Association.  It handles your architectural requests, comments or concerns regarding common area problems and various other day-to-day operations.  It is the liaison between residents and the board of directors.  Our representative with Reserve Realty is Nicki Costa.  Her contact Information is as follows:
            Reserve Realty Management Company
            480 West Aurora Road
            Sagamore Hills, OH 44067
            (330) 467-0828