Greentree Board of Directors

Position                         Representative           Term expiration

President                     John Schmidt                                 Single Family-2025

Vice President             Dennis Grabowski                         Hunter Ridge                    

Treasurer                     Cindy Mustafa                               Bristol

Secretary                     Julie Harber                                   Single Family-2026


Single Family Homes:  Dan Parnin                         2025

                               Kimberly Williams-Prater     2026

                                       James Love                                 2025


Heath Lane:                  Denise Seals

Kensington:                  Open



The Greentree Homeowners Association Board of Directors is made up of nine representatives comprised of the following:


The sub-homeowners associations of Hunter Ridge, Health Lane, Bristol and Kensington each appoint one representative to sit on the Greentree Board. 


There are five single family home representatives that are elected by single family homeowners at the annual meeting.  Single family homes are defined as the homes on the city streets and not subject to a sub-homeowners association mentioned above.




All comments or suggestions should be directed through our management company, Reserve Realty.  Our representative with Reserve Realty is Nicki Costa.  Her contact Information is as follows:


            Reserve Realty Management Company
            480 West Aurora Road
            Sagamore Hills, OH 44067
            (330) 467-0828